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Enspire365 offers Sports Performance Training with our coach, Dustin Varick. He has a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on

Dustin Varick

Strength and Conditioning from UW-Oshkosh.

Dustin uses a broad spectrum performance plan to prepare athletes for the rigors of a sports season. He believes that a program using weightlifting with an emphasis on Olympic lifting, along with plyometrics, speed and agility work, and conditioning will help take every athlete to the next level.  Whether it is a middle school athlete learning the basics, a high school athlete in the pursuit of a scholarship, or a collegiate athlete trying to make it to the professional level, Dustin believes that every athlete can benefit from his comprehensive plans.

Through every phase of our Sports Performance program, a major focus is on the prevention of injury while progressing in another aspect of athletic performance. The first phase of a program is form and technique. Dustin will not progress an athlete to a higher weight before an athlete has proper form and is ready to do so.

Once the athlete has mastered the form, the program will move into different phases depending upon the needs of the athlete’s specific sport. For example, A lineman in football may move into a hypertrophy phase to gain muscle mass, while a wrestler may not want this extra size and will move into a strength phase.

As these phases are progressing, the emphasis on power will become more prominent. In the early phases, we will be working on the proper technique for power exercises such as the Clean and Snatch. As we move into middle phases, we will put an emphasis on loading these exercises to move more weight as fast as possible. As the season approaches, we will focus less on strength power and put the emphasis on speed power. By unloading these exercises a bit the athlete is able to move the weight much faster which translates into the muscles firing faster. This translates into running faster, moving quicker and jumping higher.

These Olympic power movements train triple extension of the ankle, knee and hips. This triple extension is the basic lower body movement in running, jumping and blocking. Along with the resistance program, every session will include one of the following: a speed and agility quickness component, a plyometric component, or a conditioning component. These will help translate the strength and power that is being developed into speed and explosiveness.

The other component of every program is a core component. The focus will start with stabilization and then move toward rotational explosiveness as the season approaches.

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Speed & Agility Training

Training sessions are open to boys & girls entering 6th grade – 12th grade in the fall.

Max of 20 kids per session for speed & agility.

The speed and agility clinics will include a multifaceted approach to make any athlete more explosive in a straight line, in the air, and from side to side. By using footwork drills, speed drills, and plyometric drills the body will learn how to move with more intent in all directions. Every athlete that completes this entire program will be ready to compete for a fall season or in a very good position to continue preparing for a winter season. Some examples of drills are ladder drills, hurdle drills, plyo start sprints, and box drills. 

Strength Training

Training sessions are open to boys & girls entering 6th grade – 12th grade in the fall.

Max of 15 kids per session for strength.

The strength clinics will take a ground based approach to making an athlete stronger and more explosive. There will be two main phases of the program. Over the first 6 weeks the focus will be on acquiring strength and stamina. This phase will progress from higher reps with moderate weight to lower reps with heavier weight. Once this phase is complete the second phase will consist of 2 weeks of turning the strength that has been gained into speed and power. This phase will consist of making the weight lighter and moving it as quickly and forcefully as possible. By using a linear approach to this program athletes will have enough time in each phase to adapt and make physiological changes while still progressing each day. Every day will consist of some form of a Push, pull, squat, and Olympic type exercise.

Pure Power (Speed, Agility & Strength Training)

Training sessions are open to boys & girls entering 6th grade – 12th grade in the fall.

Max of 20 kids per session for SAS.

This combo class includes training for speed, agility & strength. The class will use ladder drills, hurdle drills, plyo start sprints, and box drills to work on speed and agility. It will use body weight and limited weights for strength building.