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Katie JacksonKatie Jackson

Certified Personal Trainer

Group Fitness Instructor

Nutritional Coach

Holistic Health Coach

Katie Jackson joined the Enspire365 wellness team in December 2015. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Katie loves to design enjoyable and effective workouts that can be modified to meet individual needs or limitations. Her fitness experience includes personal training for cancer survivors as well as instructing group fitness classes.

Katie also holds a sports nutrition certification and a holistic nutrition certification. She can help you better understand the impact and effects of macronutrients, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), GMO foods, food additives, chemicals, food preservatives; grass-fed & antibiotic-free meat, poultry  and eggs; and sugar on your body. Katie can help you create simple, holistic and nutritious menu plans. She can also guide you in addressing chronic health conditions through proper nutrition.

You’ll love her energetic personality and inspirational coaching! Katie is a true role model for living a healthy lifestyle!

Katie teaches BodyBurn Bootcamp and also offers nutritional coaching at Enspire365.